SimpleShipping (ShipAG)

Overland Park, Kansas 1 comment
Not resolved is now stealing from customers under the name simpleshipping. Don Young has been kicked of every shipping site in the United States. As soon as people find out he is stealing under the name simpleshipping and has been sued again. He will change the name. He used to scam people that he owned a freight scam he ran out of his bathroom.

Do not be scammed from or Donald Young He told me my shipment was 275.00 and after I gave Donald Young of ShipAG my credit card they charged me 6025.00 saying I told them the wrong weight of my shipment. I called the carrier to find out they never weighed my shipment but this scammer Donald Young used this as a way to make more money for himself.

Simpleshipping is this company: All you need for proof is google their posted phone number on their profile page on this site. BE CAREFUL



This was posted by a competitor who was trying to run Don off a public shipping website.The website has blocked "Pissed Freak" from posting bids on shipping services for the 20th time.

"Pissed Freak" continually changes his name to try to access the site, then uses tactics (like above) to discredit competitors. Truly unprofessional, unethical, and pathetic tactics by someone who is apparently unable to sell based on his services alone.

All legitimate companies should have the right to defend themselves from this type of defamation.I only wish we could learn "Pissed Freak"'s true name so we could pursue litigation for libel.

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